Mathias Cohen bio



Personal Log,

Promoted, I guess that’s what you call putting the old people at a desk to rot. Promoted to President Megalos’ cabinet. I will no longer be Senior Reconnaissance Agent Cohen. My days in the field are now over. I don’t know whether to shake Megalos’ hand or punch him in the face. No one has been a reconnaissance agent as long as I have. Their lifespans are short. They get caught, they get tortured, and they die. Not me, I’m still standing. Now they expect me to sit at a desk and accumulate dust.

I have a new title under my name, Head of Heir Affairs. Instead of looking for those who need to be put down I’m going to be recruiting newly discovered heirs. I feel my bones starting to ache. That’s never happened before. Eighty-one years old and I’ve never ached like this. They say I’m too important to be a field agent. All I hear is you’re too damn old and we don’t trust you not to die. Maybe they’re right.

They tried to sell me on how my experience in finding our enemies was immeasurable. How applicable it is in locating the next generation of IHA agents. I just sat and listened. They had their minds made up. I don’t think I have enough breath left to argue with them.

What would Sam say? What would he think of the IHA, of me? This shriveled old man clinging to any hope of making a difference in this chaos we deem a world.

I need to stop asking questions like that. I’m older than he ever was. The world is so much different than it was. Old men can’t believe in their heroes. We have outlived them.

I’ve seen the world through bars and fences. I never saw my father again after they split us up. That always stayed with me. My mother passed shortly after we were put in the camp. I watched her fall apart protecting me. I grew up behind that fence, among people who were deemed inferior. The world was small and full of hate. It was life and none of us were going to survive it.

When I was liberated I saw him. Sam freed us all, every one of us, by himself. There was almost nothing left of the camp. He was the strongest thing I had ever seen. I don’t know what he saw in me. A skinny, malnourished, half dead kid but he took me with him. Despite not being an Heir, he took me in.

Maybe I’ll be able to do that for someone. Maybe I can save someone like he saved me.