Heirs Comic Book Intro

Hello and thank you for visiting.  Heirs is a comic book created by Troy Stegner, Jaime Carrillo, and James Romansky.  The original idea started at San Diego Comic Con 2015 mostly as a joke between Troy and Jaime.  Troy bet Jaime he could come up with an idea for a great comic book and the drive home from San Diego to Las Cruces, NM.  The rough outline was finished by the time Troy reached Yuma, AZ.

Jaime and Troy went back and forth over the next few months refining the idea.  The result was good enough for them to decide it should actually be made into a comic book.  The only problem was neither of them were really writers.  This is where James Romansky enters the story.  James had worked at Troy’s comic book store, Zia Comics.  He wrote a lot of popular Dungeons and Dragons campaigns for the players in the store.  The outline was given to James in hopes he could bring the story to life on the written page.

After a few weeks of filling in the empty spaces of the background story, James had enough to create the environment for the comic.  Not only did he take the information given him to create the main character (Talia Morgenstern), he also developed, named, and gave personalities to the two main protagonists in the first issue (Gavril and Vitoria).  He also created Mathias Cohen who you are introduced to at the end of the first issue.  Mathias will prove to be a very important figure in later issues.

We are looking to have hard copies of the comic in hand by the end of the year.  We will be updating folks on our progress here and on our Facebook page.  Tell all your friends to bookmark this site and like us on Facebook.

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